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Probability Tutorials


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Decomposition: Hahn decomposition theorem
Decomposition: Product decomposition of an nxn square matrix
Dense: Complex simple functions are dense in Lp
Dense: Continuous, bounded maps dense in Lp
Dense: Continuous with compact support maps dense in Lp
Density: Density of complex measure w.r. to its total variation
Density: Density of finite var. map w.r. to its total variation
Density: Total variation of measure with density
Density: Existence of density when absolutely continuous map
Density: Image measure by C1-diffeom. has jacobian density
Density: Reduced normal (gaussian) density
Density: Density of normal distribution (gaussian measure)
Density: Density of convolution w.r. to lebesgue measure
Derivative: Fundamental calculus theorem for derivative
Derivative: Absolutely continuous has almost sure derivative
Derivative: Partial derivative
Descartes: MacTutor History of Math
Descartes: Cartesian product
Diagonalisation: Diagonalisation of symmetric non-negative matrix
Diameter: Diameter of a set
Diffeomorphism C1-diffeomorphism
Diffeomorphism Absolute cont. of image measure by diffeomorphism
Diffeomorphism Image meas. by diffeomorphism has jacobian density
Differentiability Differentiability criterion
Differentiable: Differentiable map
Differentiable: Absolutely continuous, almost surely differentiable
Differential: Differential
Differential: Differential of composition of two maps
Differential: Differential of map defined on open subset of Rn
Differential: Differential of map with values in product space
Differential: Differential in Rn
Dirac: MacTutor History of Math
Dirac: Dirac probability measure
Direct:(image) Direct image
Direct:(image) Direct image of connected space by continuous map
Distribution: Distribution of a measurable map (random variable)
Distribution: Dirac distribution
Distribution: Characterictic function determines distribution
Domain: Extrema of continuous map with compact domain
Dominated: Dominated convergence theorem
Dyadic: Dyadic approximation of total variation map.
Dynkin: MacTutor History of Math
Dynkin: Dynkin system
Dynkin: Generated dynkin system
Dynkin: Dynkin system theorem
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